Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Photos: 13 September 2011

We received an SD card in the mail from Elder Record with the first batch of photos. So far we have only received a few here and there via email. I have added several photos with captions to the Picasa Photo Album. You can also click on any picture in the "Mission Photos" which is linked to the same album. The photos include some from the MTC, flight to Alaska, bus ride to Whitehorse, and Whitehorse.


  1. hi, My daughter's picture is on your Blog! Sister Alyssa Watson serving in Anchorage Alaskan mission. I have tried to post before but so far it has not worked. I am not very good with computers! I ran across this blog while we were looking for missionaries serving in her area. Thanks for the photo!
    She has not sent many so it was fun to see her district at the MTC. We are enjoying reading about Elder Record's mission so I hope you don't mind. We love all Anchorage Alaskan missionaries well all missionaries so it is nice to see what is going on in the mission! Good luck to Elder Record and his family! Sincerely, Luann Watson - Sister Watson's mom

  2. We don't mind at all, we love the missionaries there too. I have linked to a few of their blogs. I have some really good pictures of Sister Watson that I have not posted to Elder Record's album. I have created a separate album with all the pictures we have of her. So, enjoy. You can download them from Picasa if you like and use them however you see fit.


  3. Thank you! Hopefully she will send her card home soon so we will have some more pictures! Thanks again - Sister Watson's Mom