Monday, September 12, 2011

Email Questions: 12 September 2011

What are the names of the elders/sisters in your district and what is their blog if they have one?
Elder and Sister Powell, Elder Johnson, Elder Hartman, and Elder Bowes.

What are the areas covered in your district and which missionaries are serving in them?
Whitepass(which is a geographical location too I think), so everywhere in the Yukon I think. The Powells are in Haines, Alaska.

How big is your area? Does it include for example the Ibex Valley which is North West of Whitehorse?
I don't really know, but the branch here in Whitehorse is the branch for the whole Yukon.

How has the Lord blessed you this week?
Success in McIntyre

Have you been to a zone conference yet or when is the next zone conference and where?
No, but we have one in a couple weeks. We will be go to Skagway then fly to Juneau.

In your experience so far, what are the three most important things a young man (18-19) or young woman (20-21) needs to do to prepare to serve a mission?
  1. Study the gospel. The fundamentals of Preach My Gospel are very handy for that.
  2. Learn how to set meaningful and achievable goals then plan accordingly.
  3. Let virtue garnish your thoughts unceasingly. Clean out your brain, and iPod, and replace the garbage and the good with the better and best (see Mosiah 4:30). If you consistently do what is right and best you will come to have clean and pure words and thoughts.
What are some things you experienced about mission life that were completely unexpected or that you were unprepared for?
How hard it is to take rejection. You have to pray for help and courage, and just keep doing the work and you will do fine.

Can extended family send you emails with your mission email address, like aunts and cousins?
Not until further notice.

Where do you have district council?
We have District meetings at the church here in Whitehorse. The Powells are on the phone during that.

Which missionaries attend by phone and which come in person?
The Powells by phone, and Elders Hartman, Bowes, Johnson, and I are here in person.

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