Monday, September 26, 2011

Email Questions: 26 September 2011

Do you have access to flu shots?

The only packages left for you to get are the one with Da Bomb: The Final Answer pepper sauce in it and the one with vitamins. Did you get them?
I haven't gotten the vitamins yet, but I did get the hot sauce =)

Did you find a place to buy your winter coat and gloves yet?
Ya, there are places everywhere. I'm not too worried. I'll get them as I need them. I'm trying not to buy anything here in the Yukon because everything is way expensive here.

You mentioned that soon your area books will be digital and accessed from an iPad. Are the records stored in a missionary online system or just on the iPad?
Don't know yet. I just know about the iPads.

What type of information do you keep track of in your area books now?
Teaching Records, Progress Records, an area map, former investigators, baptism records, potentials, and things like that.

Any idea when you will be getting the iPads?
Don't know, but probably the latter half of my mission.

How has Seminary and Institute helped prepare you for your mission?
I was able to study without reading. I was able to, more than I normally would have, feast upon the words of Christ and let virtue garnish my thoughts unceasingly.

Love, Elder Record

P.S. It's supposed to snow this week =)

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