Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Email Dated: 7 September 2011

Hello everyone,

Elder Johnson and Elder Record's
2011 Chevy Colorado Truck
Sorry I didn't write until now. We've been really busy. I hardly had time to e-mail this week. I love all the emails I've been getting. This past week has been a little different too. We did a lot of service, about 11 hours. Some was for one of our investigators, Justin, and some was for a member's non-member niece. We help both move. Justin only moved closer to our house, so that was good. The work here is awesome. I love being a missionary. We helped sister Lewis' niece move out. We packed a pickup truck with a ton of stuff. Then we tied it down. Before we packed it though, we got some wood and built up a sort of wall around the edges of the truck. The truck had places where you could set posts in. Anyway, I took a picture. I'm becoming quite the tracter. It's not that hard anymore to think of something on the spot. I think I was blessed with the idea to do a family history approach so that I could more quickly learn how to do an approach. I don't have any problem talking about family history, so I think that helped me get comfortable. Now I am able to, much better than I could before, just start talking and then share about our message. I love the gospel. We're all children of God and because I know that, it is easy to share the gospel with others.
Elder Bowes helping secure the truck for the move.

We finally got some referrals. We've been gaining the members trust a lot lately. Brother McDonald gave us the address of one of his coworkers. His name is Chad, he has been going through some hard times because his mother is dying. We went to Chad's house and told him Bruce sent us because he wanted us to share a message of hope and peace with him. It went well and his heart was softened. We are going to meet him next week sometime. I'm usually tired and sometimes hungry, but oddly enough that doesn't really bother me. I'm so busy with the work that I hardly even notice it. I usually take a nap at lunch though. Thanks for the voice recorder by the way. It really helps when I'm tired at night. It is a lot easier to talk out my journal than write it. We still don't have really any solid investigators. We spend most of our time finding and studying. We have a lot of potentials and hope to see them follow through.

A Day in the Life of a Missionary
On P-day I made cinnamon rolls. They were really good. I've been called as the district chef =). I'll be cooking for the district when we meet up for district lunches and things like that. It's really fun. Tomorrow I'll be teaching the Family Home Evening lesson to the Clark family. They are a very active family. Mike is the ward mission leader and his wife is a ward missionary. They will be having a nonmember, Katie, over. I'm still thinking about what I want to teach. I'll also be making the FHE snack. We ran out of Book of Mormons and are waiting for our proselyting (pros) material to get here. Apparently if anything is sent ground from Alaska, it has to go down to Seattle then back up here to Whitehorse which takes forever and a half. Oh well. Anyway, hope everyone is having a good time and a good school year so far. Our planners are probably the best in the mission. I took some pictures and eventually I'll send one home. I thought you would get a kick out of that Dad.

Love, Elder Record

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  1. Elder Record corrected who was in this picture. He told me it was not Elder Johnson, but Elder Bowes. Sorry Johnson family for the mix up.