Monday, August 15, 2011

President Beesley, Elder Record's Mission President

Fort Worth Texas Stake Presidency Jon S. Beesley, center
Brent E. Petersen, left, and Bruce L. Willden, right.
The Alaska Anchorage Mission changed mission presidencies in July 2011. Elder Record received information about President Clark being his new mission president. Elder Record had been corresponding with the son of Sheri's best friend from college, Elder Wallace. Elder Wallace said there had been a change in mission presidents, and that President Jon Beesley would actually be the new mission president. President Beesley had been assigned as the mission president for the Russia St. Petersburg Mission originally, but the US government had red flagged him and prevented him from going to Russia because he had worked at Lockheed Martin and knew too much about US flight technology. Well I did a little research and now understand a lot better why President Beesley was reassigned to the Alaska Anchorage Mission. It was for his own safety and to protect US interests.

Read this Church News Article for more details.

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