Saturday, August 27, 2011

Another Guardian Angel

The little angel standing guard.

Elder Record has another guardian angel watching over his shoulder. You can see this little angel in Google street view. Here are the steps to reveal him:
  1. Click on Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada in "At A Glance" to the right.
  2. Click on Elder Record's "First Area" so the bubble pops up pointing to "First Area."
  3. Click "more" in the bubble and select Street View.
  4. This street view is from 2009, but still works. Rotate 90 degrees to the right so you are facing East. Elder Record and his companion live in the blue trailer house on the corner. The vehicles are not theirs.
  5. Now rotate 180 degrees, so you are facing due West. You should now see a blue extended cab pickup truck in front of a "Frontier" fifth wheel.
  6. Look in the lower right quadrant of the frame, just in front of the back driver side tire of the pickup truck.
  7. Behold! Elder Record's guardian angel. No one mess with Elder Record or Elder Johnson.
  8. Now click one position to the left (the left "<" sign) or due South.
  9. Turn 90 degrees to the right so you are facing North.
  10. You can see a better view of Elder Record's guardian angel, standing guard.
Protecting the missionaries. :)

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