Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Email Dated: 15 Aug 2011

New missionaries arrived safely in Anchorage, Alaska
standing in front of the Anchorage Alaska Temple.
Elder Record is 4th from the left.
I'm here! I love President and Sister Beesley. Sister Beesley is the sweetest lady I have ever met. The assistants to the President are awesome. They are Elder Richmond, Elder Starkie, and Elder Calk. Elder Starkie is leaving tomorrow so Elder Calk is replacing him. The flight went great. Dinner, lunch I guess I should say, was amazing. Everyone here is so nice. I have been assigned to Whitehorse, Canada. President said most of the work is here in Anchorage, so he only sends people he trusts out into the boonies. Elder Blackhurst is going to Fairbanks. Elder Richmond said my trainer is an incredible missionary. He said he has never met a more organized missionary before. President Beesley said to us that the missionaries in Whitehorse, and the missionaries he sends to Whitehorse, are top notch missionaries. I can't wait to meet my trainer. Anyway cya later.

Love, Elder Record

NOTE: Whitehorse is in the Yukon and approximately 500 miles due East of Anchorage, Alaska. It is the capitol of Yukon with a population of about 26,500 people.

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