Monday, August 29, 2011

Email Dated: 29 Aug 2011

Hi everyone,

Elder Johnson and Elder Record in Whitehorse, YT
Thank you all for the prayers. I really have felt their strength. I love the work here. Elder Johnson, my companion, says we are having unprecedented success here. We've been tracting a lot. It's not as nerve racking anymore as it used to be. It's becoming so easy to just talk about the gospel and how we know it can bless them because it's true. I'm working on doing my best to be completely sincere and genuine. I want to really love the people. The only problem with that is sometimes people brush you off and don't want you there like we're some kind of disease. It breaks my heart. I love them and want them to be happy, but they won't listen. They are denying themselves the peace that comes alone from Christ. It's almost as if I have to come to the door with an iron, I don't care about you, attitude, but loving them at the same time. It's sad though because I do love them. I hope they will eventually accept the gospel.

Elder Johnson and I are becoming Family History Consultants. We are going to start opening the Family History Center again, and we'll start holding classes to get some exposure. We not only want to help them with Family History, but we want to show them that we aren't that bad and scary after all =). People here love talking about family history, and apparently the branch has had some success in the past bringing people to family history classes and bringing in professionals to speak. We're hoping we will get a lot of people out to these things, and hopefully we will find the Lords elect even faster. We have noticed already that the Lord will place the elect in our paths. We just need to open our mouths and speak to them.

Elder Bowes and Elder Hartman
with the new Galaxy phone
Since I am the Junior companion I handle the phone and Elder Johnson drives. We got new phones that are really nice. It's a Samsung Galaxy. It's a touch screen and looks very professional. I want to get one when I get back =), although they will probably have something better by that time. Elder Johnson is from Chandler Arizona. He is very smart and has almost graduated as an English major. He is going into investment banking and wants to go clear to wall street. He is very organized and is good with spreadsheets, he loves Microsoft Excel. I told him that my Dad and him would really get along. He wants to learn a little programing too. Before coming out I knew that one thing that would help me more than most other things, whether for my mission or after I don't know, would be learning how to set good goals and plan effectively. I'm learning a lot and have determined that I will use a planner from now on for the rest of my life. =) They are so nice. Goals when not written down are just a wish list. Elder Johnson says I'll definitely be ready to train after these 12 weeks, or 2 transfers. A transfer is 6 weeks. Elder Johnson had been in Wasilla, Alaska for 10 and a half months. He was a very effective missionary, and I guess they just really needed him there. Whitehorse is only his second area he's been in. In his 10 and a half months he's trained several missionaries already. He's 24 too, so he's a little more mature than most missionaries which is nice. =) I'm sending some pictures in the mail.

Happy Birthday Mom! I didn't think about the fact that I wouldn't have a chance to say it on your birthday last Monday when I was e-mailing. I've sent you a card in the mail. I hope it is there soon. I love you.

I was just reading towards the end of Mosiah about the story of Alma and the peoples journey back to Zarahemla from the land of Nephi. It really got me thinking about how merciful the savior is. He is mighty to save and to cleanse from all unrighteousness, and he will deliver us if we are faithful. Those scriptures showed me that sometimes the lord will chasten his people and test their faith. He will prove to them that he is the way. Like it says in my favorite scripture D&C 100:15-16, all our hardships and trials will work to our good if we are faithful, and to the sanctification of the church. He will raise up a pure people that will serve him in righteousness, Zion. He knows better than me, and if I am faithful, he will purify my heart because he is mighty to save. I know that the Lord can change our hearts and desires. He can bless us with comfort and encouragement. He loves us and wants us to be happy. Christ's atonement was the ultimate expression of love to me, and I will do whatever he asks me to do. What wouldn't I give for one who has done so much for me? It seems so small a price to be diligent, steadfast, obedient, patient, loving, to repent, to forgive. I would give my life for him, and that's a part of why I'm here. He has asked me to be here, and I know who the lord calls he qualifies. I feel inadequate, but I know that if I am humble, his grace is sufficient for me, and he will make my weaknesses become strengths.

Happy Birthday tomorrow Chris!!!! You're going to be a teacher soon. Awesome! I love you so much and really miss you bud. Keep studying your scriptures and doing your best and the Lord will prepare you for a mission. It's hard, but so worth it. You literally see yourself growing and look at it and laugh cause it's crazy awesome. You just gotta pray that you'll be able to forget yourself, go to work, and love the people. I'm excited for you bud. The Lord prepares who he calls and he has great things in store for you.

Love, Elder Record

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