Thursday, August 11, 2011

Letter Dated: 10 Aug 2011

Hi everyone,

I've been so busy here. It's so much fun teaching people in the TRC. I'm learning a lot about how to adjust lessons and doctrine to what the person needs. I'm learning how to teach with the spirit. I'm sending, with the pictures, a picture of my district at the Provo temple.
Back: Sister Hunt, Sister Clemons, Elder Chao, Elder Cooper, Elder Record, Elder Blackhurst, Elder Allred, Elder Steeple, Sister Watson, Sister Caton;
Front: Elder Kearns, Elder Fisher

Me, Elders Blackhurst, Steeple, Fisher, Kearns, and Sister Watson are all going to Alaska. So that's 6 of the 12 Alaskan missionaries in the MTC in our district. Sisters Hunt and Clemons are going to Louisville, Kentucky. The rest are going to the New York, Utica mission, which is most of the state. I took a picture of a map of the missions, you can see it there.

Map of Mission Boundaries
I can't believe I leave on Monday. It seems like forever and that no time passed all at once. All the previous days have melded into one day. I can't really distinguish one day from the next.

I hope everyone is having a good time. I can't wait to eat normal food again. I eat mostly salad every day because the food clogs your system. Just lettuce and croutons, water, and a little of the entree. It keeps my body working normal.

One thing I've learned is that the spirit works in us to do the Lord's work whether I know what's going on or not.

I've learned some greetings in other languages. My favorite is Tagalog. Kumusta po kayo is how are you. If you could spell it in English, I would write hello in Russian, so this is as phonetic as I can do. Ustrasviche.

Elder Blackhurst and Elder Record, MTC Companions
The gospel is true. If it wasn't, I know from seeing other Elders, that we would have ruined everything a long time ago. Thanks for all the letters. I love hearing from everyone. Thanks for keeping me posted about Courtyard Lorielle. If anyone wants to write the Elders and Sisters in my district their address is the same as mine, until we leave on the 15th. Dear elder works great. E-mail is not very good. I can't ever really use it. Letters are the best. I love you all.

The brownies were awesome. Everyone loved them. I'm famous for the brownies now. It made some cry or yell, but everyone loved them. Like always, nobody believes a brownie can be hot. I've even given the recipe to our zone leaders. Thanks dad.

Love, Elder Jason Record

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