Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sick, but Life is Good

Hello Family. Unfortunately, this week I've been kind of sick. I got sick on Friday. Well, I guess it started on Thursday a little bit. I just have a cold. It's not very fun, but I'll get over it.

One thing we did this week was zone leader conference. That lasted a good part of the day. We just got trained in different things that the president thought needed to be spread through the different zones. We had a zone meeting on Thursday morning, where we shared that training with the zone and the things they needed to do. We had our interviews on Tuesday, so that was fun. We got to talk with President Beesley.

We found a less active family who was wanting to come to Church, through our ward mission leader. We went over with some ward missionaries, invited them to come to Church, offered them a ride, and they came. It was pretty cool, especially because they live right across the hall from some other less active members. So as they get excited, they will be able to help each other out, and come to Church.

I felt like this week with some of the people we were visiting, we got to find out what their hold up is; what their need is and how we might be able to help them. With a couple of people, unemployment seems to be a big thing that is stressing them out. We'll see if we can't help. There are some people we know that can help them.

I went on exchanges with one of the district leaders. That was fun. We got to strengthen and build them. There is a family who joined the Church like two years ago, but her husband said for a little bit, “it's either me or the Church.” He has kind of softened up, and she has been able to come back to Church. He actually showed up to Church on Christmas, which was pretty surprising, but cool. He allowed her daughter to get baptized, so we are going to start teaching her; she's eleven. It's really neat to see hearts softening.

It's been really warm; freakishly warm. It's like 40 degrees right now, and I can't hardly wear a coat – at all. It's raining like crazy and everything is melting. It's like breakup, which is weird. It is really an abnormal winter. I guess I really don't know what normal is anyway because I was only hear for last winter, which was more snow than it's even gotten before. This year it is not snowing hardly at all, but it's raining like crazy.

Flu is going around. Hopefully I don't catch the flu (haha). I'm praying. Life it going good, except for the sick part. I'll probably rest a lot today. I won't play basketball. I won't weaken my body any more to get sick. I need to save up my energy.

I hope you guys have a good week too. See you later.

Love, Elder Record

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