Thursday, January 31, 2013


We received Elder Record's SD card with a few pictures. I have included more pictures from his time as district leader in Fairbanks as well as current photos. Elder Record did not send any captions with the pictures, so I will do my best.


A nice collection of older cars.

Helping out with the season catch. Elder Record with Elder Beirne.

Elder Beirne studying diligently.

Halloween with Elder Beirne. The pumpkin Elder Record carved and a great pirate (not sure who he is).

Elder Record by Bethlehem and a reindeer.

The district in Fairbanks. Elder Record is second from the right.

Sand Lake in Anchorage

A meeting with other elders. Elder Record is second one from the bottom left.

Sister Watson and Elder Record. Sister Watson was in Elder Record's district in the MTC, came out at the same time with Elder Record, and is going home very soon.

Elder Hartman and Elder Record

Elder Hartman, Elder Higley and Elder Record

Elder Record and "the hand" or just an annoying companion

Just being goofy. Must be Record Elder day instead of Elder Record.

Elder ?, Elder Conlin, Elder ?, Elder Beirne, Elder Record and Elder Wright. Elder Record trained Elders Conlin, Beirne and Wright. I'm guessing the other two unknown elders are being trained by one of Elder Record's trainees, making them Elder Record's "grandsons."

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