Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Week of Service

Hello everybody! This week was cool and unique. Being in Anchorage, we don't normally get to do a lot of service. I mean we do, but as far as like physical labor service for people, you don't do as much as in other places; just because it's a city. On Saturday we got to help a member of our ward move out to a different ward. Later that day we got to help some people that are investigating the Church, move into our ward. We got a few missionaries to help us out and a few members of the Elder's quorum in the ward. So she was able to meet those guys. Oddly enough, but pretty cool, she moved in right next door to one of the counselors in the Elder's quorum presidency. Anyway, it was a really good experience and she was able to get some fellowship. I think it left a good impression. We are excited to continue to teach them where the other missionaries left off.

There was a less active member we have been working with, and we go over and do our laundry there every Monday. He got called as a family history consultant. That will be fun because we get to work with him and have him help us out on some of the people we help. We can get him involved in the loop. It will be a nice way for him to serve other people. Which is the best way, I think, to regain your testimony; just start helping people. Well.... that and praying and reading your scriptures (haha) and everything else too.

We also helped this other guy move out. He is moving a bunch of stuff into storage.

We have been helping some missionaries prepare a training for Thursday. It's a Samoan language training and we are helping them prepare their presentations.

We have had a few really good lessons. We have been getting more and more new investigators. It's cool to see how the Lord prepares people for us to teach. The whole zone seems to be doing better at that. We have music and the waking word coming up next week. That's always entertaining, and our zone gets to host it on Tuesday.

It's been really warm, but the past few days have been really cold.

I love you guys. I hope you are all having a good time. The Church is true, and we'll talk to you next week.

Love, Elder Record

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