Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Service and Family History

Okay, so, this week we had our transfers officially. Elder Leota went up to the Turnagain Ward – I think I said that last time. But, it actually happened this week so that took up part of the beginning of the week. Since it's our responsibility to help out the other missionaries in the zone, we got the opportunity to move a bunch of furniture for them. So we got a really good work out. I didn't even have to weight lift; not that I do anyway, but that morning I did a little bit, and then I found out we would be moving all that stuff. But that's okay, even though I was tired, we still did it, and we worked hard and it was a good work out.

We also helped this other lady move out of her house into a new one. That was fun. It was good service.

The zone changed up a little bit. We have more missionaries and a lot of fun people I enjoy serving around. President Beesley shared a really cool scripture at the transfer meeting. It's D&C 58:3-4; I think. It talks about how you can't behold with your natural eye for the time being, what God has in store for you. You have to work through that trial of your faith before you can see those blessings and before they come, but they are coming. I thought that was pretty cool scripture. And of course with God, nothing is impossible. So it's really up to us to change our own situations and attitudes. I mean everything we are in is designed to help us grow, and the only thing that keeps us from growing is our own attitude.

We had a couple of good lessons this week. We were able to help some people out with family history, which is fun because we always end up talking about the Plan of Salvation and families and those wonderful points of the gospel. We then link that to families and help people discover their families. It's just fun, because they get really excited.

We got to help a family come to Church that was not going to come to Church. We called them and they said they were coming. Church was just about to start, and we gave them a call, and they needed some help getting out the door. So we went over and gave them some support, and we got them to Church (haha). That was a neat experience.

That is kind of the news for the week.

Elder Record: Can you think of anything else Elder Higley?
Elder Higley: I missed my turn.
Elder Record: He missed his turn, but he is going to turn up here.

Alaska is fun. There are lots of ravens; they are everywhere. There's snow. It's sunny, but it's cold. There are a little bit of clouds.

Elder Record: Where are we? I don't think you parked at the library (hahaha). Yeah, I don't think this is the library.
Elder Higley: There it is!
Elder Record: Yep, there it is.
Elder Higley: We can walk there. Do you want to walk there?
Elder Record: No. It's cold.

Anyway, life is good, and the Gospel is true. Jesus Christ lives and loves us.

Elder Record: And that is a “Do Not Enter” (hahaha) This is why you have a companion. I love Elder Higley.
Elder Higley: I would have been just fine. No cars came.
Elder Record: That's true, no cars came. (haha)

Anyway, bye.

Love, Elder Record

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