Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Questions: 21 May 2012

Dad: What was your door approach to non-members when talking about family history work?
We ask them about their family and that we wanted to help them find more. We told them about all the resources the church has and invited them to a family history center.

Dad: What is your door approach for less active members?
How are you... We are just always very friendly when we talk to people to show them we care because we do. And they can see it. Then again I have mostly only been with Samoans who are very social.

Dad: What did you think about the video "Jesus Teaches About Being Born Again?" I love the way Christ is portrayed in such a loving and inviting nature.
Wow, it was really good. I really like how he taught like you said. I also like how the savior goes right to the root of his concern, and resolves it. He's not going to understand these other things unless he first understands Christ's purpose and believes on him. This one is my favorite.

Love, Elder Record

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