Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Transcription: 17 January 2012

Good morning everybody, this is Elder Record and today is the 17th, Tuesday. Yesterday was P-day, but it was the Martin Luther King, Jr day, so we weren't able to do any emailing because the library was closed. We had a pretty fun day. Whenever there is a holiday (haha), our ward does games. It was pretty fun. On Monday, we went basically all of our P-day, we had fun playing games with our ward; volleyball, basketball, and a lot of good exercise, so it felt really good.

On Saturday we had a really good day. The Elder's Quorum, which has been pretty disorganized up to this point, is starting to get back together. They went out to do some – kind of like home teaching but it was like splits/group visits. We went with a little group of people and went to visit some elders in the quorum and said “hi” and asked them if they needed help with anything. We let them know about the games the ward was going to have later that day, because they had an Elder's Quorum activity where they were going to play volleyball and basketball. A lot of people came to that, and it was good, and some non-members too I think. It was really good to see things come together.

On Sunday we had a really good day. We got the Gospel Principles class started up again, because it hadn't been going. We didn't have any investigators in the class, but we had some less active people. It was really good because we were able to learn more about the Book of Mormon and teach them a little more. Even though they were members, they still didn't know very much about the Book of Mormon. So it was really good that we were able to do that. The teacher is our ward mission leader, Amo Saiana. He's a cool guy, and he's a good teacher (haha). The class went very well, and we are excited about classes ahead.

This week we were able to teach more people than we ever have, at least while I have been in this area, this is the most lessons I've seen taught in this area. So it was very good. Our appointments with our non-members fell through, so we ended up teaching active members (haha). We didn't let that stop us, we just went ahead and taught members in the ward. This coming week should be even better. What's cool too, is this week – I think it was Thursday – we were told to stay in our apartment because of the weather conditions; the road conditions really, so people don't crash into us and we don't crash into them and things like that. Even though we stayed in a whole day, we still taught more than we ever have before. So we are excited for this next week.

I have been having a lot of fun on my mission so far. I'm learning so much – really learning how to deal with people. It seems like when left to myself (haha), I kind of just float toward people who are kind of like me or better than me mostly. But, being out here I have been paired with people who have different personalities than me, or different personalities than I've been around. It has been a very neat experience. I've been able to develop my people skills a little more, and learn how to work together with people who are different from me, which is important for life (haha), because lots of people are different from me (haha). It's very good. Time is starting to really fly by. I'm excited to see how the rest of my mission turns out.

I have really enjoyed being in this ward. They are very nice. There is this one family, the Augafa family. They are seriously like the Uncle and the Auntie. They are an older couple, like a Mom and Dad, or Grandma and Grandpa I guess (haha). They love us and take care of us, and they let us know. They are very nice, and it's very wonderful to have loving people like that to support us and help us out. I love this ward (haha). They are so nice. It's soo much fun. I'm learning soo much, and we are helping so many people. It's really good, and it feels really good too.

I know the gospel is true. I know that this is our Heavenly Father's work, and that it is helping people. I see people's lives being changed for the better; we're helping people. It feels good. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I am so thankful for it. I am thankful for the things it teaches me, because in it we find solutions for the problems we have in life. Time and time again people we talk to have problems or issues in life, and we just turn to the Book of Mormon, and it talks about it and addresses it almost the exact situation and lets you know what needs to be done. It was written for our day; I know it was. I am thankful for the prophet. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet today, and I'm thankful for the prophet and apostles and all they do to teach us and support us. I say that in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Everybody, have a good week. Have fun (haha). Relax (haha), and I'll talk to you again next week. Bye.

Love, Elder Record

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