Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Questions: 31 October 2011

How did your week go as "senior" companion?
Good, it passed like any other week. =) Whitehorse didn't explode.

How long does it take for someone to be converted to the Gospel?
As long as it takes for them to want the gospel and make it a part of their lives. It could happen overnight or take years. For us, we determine that if they are keeping their commitments we invited them make to the Lord, they are progressing. It's all about progression because none of us can ever stop and say, "I've made it, now I'm done." I like the definition for conversion in the Bible Dictionary, and I found it is almost the same as the definition for repentance found in the same.

Eric: Do you know how big Elder Dean's plate was with the Oinker on it?
As big as a basketball hoop.

We made pumpkins with one of our investigators.

Elder Record's pumpkin master piece.

We got our district shirts today =),
Elder Record showing the new district T-shirts.

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