Monday, November 28, 2011

Questions: 28 November 2011

Annelise: Do you remember when we were younger, during Christmas time when we had just put up the tree and decorations, we were listening to Amy Grant music, and You, Chris and I, were rolling around on the carpet in the Christmas tree light? Chris doesn't remember, I was hoping you would.
I remember listening to the Amy Grant music and sleeping out on the tile floor listening to it, but I don't think I remember that.

Eric: How do you like the weather?
I love it. I love the snow! We have like a foot right now.

Dad: Any pictures of your companion and apartment yet?
Yup, I sent them in the mail.

Dad: You mentioned that your attention span for long letters has changed. Sounds normal. How would you like me to respond? Less letters, shorter letters, spiritual thoughts sent by mail, no change - just understand you may not get to everything. I want to meet your needs and the time constraints you have.
Yes, spiritual thoughts sent by mail, that would be awesome. That's probably it.

Mom: There are two Christmas packages coming, one with presents and the other with DVDs. Did you get either yet?
I got the presents one. THANK YOU SO MUCH, THAT WAS AWESOME!!! I love you all. It made me smile. =)

Dad: Is Elder Wallace in your district or zone?
Zone, we do a lot of p-day stuff with the zone.

Dad: What makes it possible to see him every P-day?
Basketball at the arctic chapel, right next to the temple. I am not fat by the way =). In fact I think I am stronger. I've been exercising and staying in excellent healthy shape =) I could eat more vegetables though, haha. I'll get some more today.

Lorielle: How was your Thanksgiving with the Samoan ward?
It was good. Just like any other big meal, haha. Surprisingly I'm not overeating that much. The Atiifale family were the ones we ate dinner with.

Dad: Did the Samoan families have any unique traditions for Thanksgiving?
Nope, they sing a lot though, or at least the Atiifale family did. That was cool.

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