Monday, October 24, 2011

Transcription: 24 October 2011

Hello everyone, this is Elder Record and today is October 24th, Monday and it's preparation day. This coming week is kind of cool. It's going to be part of my training. I'm basically on my own for this next week, and Elder Johnson is just going to be shadowing me (haha) – more so than other trainers normally would I guess because he thinks I'm ready for more, so he's going to act like a dead missionary. I'm not too worried actually. Lately through my studying and things like that, and how much I've become accustomed to how things work as a missionary and through Heavenly Father's help I feel pretty confident in myself as a missionary. Not to say I don't still need help (haha), I need all the help in the world, but I know that Heavenly Father is there for me and that I can get through it, and that I will get through it well, and I'll do good, and I'll grow from it. So I'm excited to see how the coming week comes.

Elder Johnson and Elder Record emailing home
I am way WAY anxious to hear where Lorielle goes. I thought she was going to get her mission call on Wednesday, but I just found out this morning that she's not – that it's assigned, but she hasn't gotten it yet. So I have to wait another P-day, and I may only have one more P-day here in Whitehorse. So anyway, I'm excited to see where Lorielle goes. (haha) It's taking forever!

Every Tuesday we have district meeting, and Elder Johnson the district leader, so he prepares something. This last district meeting we were talking about one of the fundamentals of preach my gospel, which is called “We invite, They commit, We follow up”. We really didn't get through the whole thing. We just started at the beginning, this “check your progress” part, that we got in the training book. The fundamentals are a little bit more extensive in our training booklets. We were just talking about how we should extend commitments and how that empowers the investigator to exercise their faith and act on that. It was very good, and I took notes in my study journal. It kind of set the tone for the day – it was very good. I really felt the Spirit there. We were able to determine what we need to do, like we need to do more finding in our area. We were figuring out what we need to do to find out those who are ready to hear the message of the gospel. So, we've been focusing on finding.

We got a call from the Goolsby's who live in Tok, Alaska. It is like the half way point on the bus trip between Anchorage and Whitehorse and back. We found out there's a branch in Tok. There's no missionaries in Tok, but there's a branch in Tok. Brother Goolsby is the branch president there. He was like 36 miles out of Whitehorse and his car broke down. He called his wife, and she wasn't in Tok, so he called us. We were able to get some members to help him out and drive him back and get him back to Tok. It was neat to be able to do some service there and find out there are members in Tok (haha), because it seemed so small when we drove through it. I doubt we went through more of the town. There's like 300 people, maybe a little more, I don't know.

Brother McCracken, this is another thing I was excited about. We didn't have a toaster so I asked if any of the members had a toaster. Brother McCracken let me have his old toaster. So I've been using that for toast (haha) and my breakfast has been greatly enhanced in its tastes. We had dinner with the McCracken's on Wednesday night, and he gave me some Rhubarb jam, and it was soo good. Anyway, he's very nice. Sister McCracken, she makes the best food, and she's so nice too. We were asking her what her hobbies are, and she was basically saying she loves to help people. That's how awesome she is. That's her hobby – helping people. They are an older couple, but she's been watching Sister Little's kids while she was having her baby. She is always helping people out for everything, bringing them food, or whatever. She's very nice.

We were focusing on finding that same Wednesday. Earlier in the day we did a ton of tracting, just to get out there and work towards building up our missionary spirit and also trying to find people who are ready to hear the gospel. We've been given a lot of referrals this week. Some of them are not necessarily solid, but usually the ones we get from members are pretty solid, so we're excited, and we had two of those. We are excited to see how those two turn out. We are going to meet with them some more. One guy we are going to go play basketball with soon, hopefully on Saturday. Both of those guys are pretty open to hearing us and listening to the gospel and meeting with us. That will be neat to see how that works.

We also had a lesson with one of our investigators. She doesn't have a Christian background, so it's been kind of different teaching her. She's fine with doctrine and things like that, and she's willing to believe that, but she really wants to see how the gospel has benefited us and how it's affected us. We had Sister Brown with us for this last lesson, and she was amazing. She was talking the whole time about those exact same things. She was right on point and right tune with the Spirit; and our investigator really got a lot out of that. In fact after we left the lesson because we had to get to our missionary correlation meeting with Brother McDonald, Sister Brown stayed there with her and talked with her like friends for two hours (haha); which was way cool. She was telling everybody how excited she was. She is going to be the perfect fellowshipper for our investigator. We have been seeing her make leaps and bounds for where she's at, and we are excited to see how that turns out as well.

Yesterday on Sunday, Elder Bowes had a talk. It was very good. He talked about prophets. I was doing some studying that same morning. I was reading in Helaman 5. I like verse six in the beginning where, Helaman (Nephi and Lehi's father) tells them that he wants them to remember to keep the commandments and to preach the gospel. In verse fourteen of chapter five, I love how it then says Nephi and Lehi remembered what their father said to keep the commandments and to preach the gospel, and then they go about doing that. I thought that not only applies to how we should remember to keep the commandments, but to keep the counsel of fathers, of prophets, of the Savior, and how that blesses us and the miracles that comes through that. I was just thinking about that a lot and then Elder Bowes talk was on prophets. I really felt the Spirit as I was thinking about that.

In Church we have been practicing with the Primary singing “I Hope They Call Me on a Mission.” We are going to do that this coming Sunday in the Primary program (haha). That will be fun. We sound pretty good too. We are pretty good singers as a district. We are also singing as an Elder's Quorum. So we are preparing a musical number for this program they are going to be having in November. We are singing “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” and I am like the only person singing the tenor part. But, I can hold my own, which is pretty cool. I love singing the different parts and everything like that.

So that's been this week. It's been pretty fun. I'm really starting to get the hang of things. We have specialized training this next week. So I'll probably talk about that next time. I'll try to get more pictures with me in them (haha). It's not always easy, we're kind of in a rush a lot, but I'll make an extra effort to do so. I can't way to hear where Lorielle goes.

Oh, I got letters from the young women a while back. I think they were sent to the MTC, but I was already gone, so it took forever to get here. But, I did get the letters, and I appreciate it. It made my day!

Hi, Eric. I was happy to get your letter that you sent me a while back. That was neat. Yeah, it's been a fun week. Anyway, talk to you later, bye.

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