Monday, October 10, 2011

Transcription: 10 October 2011

Hello Everybody,

This is Elder Record and it is October the 10th and it's Canadian Thanksgiving today. For Canadian Thanksgiving it kind of goes over the Sunday and the Monday. I don't remember which one. Last night we had two thanksgiving dinners; one of them was an investigator so we couldn't say no, and the others had prepared food for us. But also tonight we have two thanksgiving dinners again, both of them with investigators. One of them is with the other Elders' investigators, but they're a part member family. We are going to have Thanksgiving with them. It's different here. In the states you have Thanksgiving and it's a lot more commercialized, but over here people don't eat quite a much and it's not as publicized. It's pretty fun.

Last Monday on the 3rd I got a hair cut from Elder Bowes, and he did a pretty good job, and I was very impressed. It's just easier to get a hair cut from one of the other guys because you don't have that much time, especially on a P-day because you're getting stuff ready and what not.

We are making district T-shirts. That will be pretty cool, we're just waiting for the place to get our design ready. It will have “The Whitehorse Warriors” on it, and it will say 2 Corinthians 12:10 on it, that is our scripture we have on the shirt for the Whitehorse Warriors (haha).

On Wednesday we got something very rare. We got a referral from Salt Lake. It's not just any referral. It's an IMS referral, and we think that has something to do with Internet Missionary Service or something like that. We're not sure, but it was probably like a chat or something and she wants a missionary visit. She wanted to learn more about temples and eternal marriage. We were talking with some people, two people actually, and they said the last one of these they gave, they were baptized. And so, I am so excited – we haven't been able to catch her yet because nobody's at the house. But it is Thanksgiving weekend so she's probably away with family and stuff. We will see again tomorrow and probably ask her neighbors if anybody lives in that house, and if somebody lives there then we know we're set. It was kind of interesting because we got the address and this neighborhood does not exist on the map. It's newer than the map. And so that was a blessing too. I think it was definitely divinely inspired, and the Spirit is working here, and we will see where it goes. It was Range Road neighborhood. It's a trailer park that is brand new, it's very nice. There's like 500 people probably in this area – nice apartments, there's the trailers, it's got legit roads, and things like that (it's not just dirt roads). It was amazing that we found this place. We're thinking now or maybe later we're going to do a street scouting activity where we pull out a notebook, start with a prayer, and go out and visit every single street in our area, and wait for inspiration on which roads we need to hit up. That way maybe we can hit some of those roads that aren't on the map and record them, and get to people again later.

This week I've definitely felt the Spirit. As I've been studying, through prayer and hard work, my studying is becoming more focused. I'm able to focus on any topic and really dig into it because of the Spirit, and it's really been benefiting me spiritually, tremendously! I'm so much less distracted than I was before. I've been finding that as I have been striving to do my best with living the mission rules, I've found that through obedience, even to little rules, for me I'm proving myself to the Lord and doing something I know I can do to prove myself to receive these blessings that I desperately need. You can't do missionary work alone or else you fail, and you fail fast. You start to get distracted – that's the big thing actually. I'm working on that, and I'm noticing that as I keep the rules my focus is increasing a lot. I wrote down a quote from the missionary handbook. It says, “to keep your eyes single to the Lord and His work, avoid all forms worldly entertainment.” So to me that can be just about anything worldly. You have got to focus the Gospel; you've got to focus on Christ. A lot of that happens from your study in the morning.

Oh, another thing, if anybody like Lorielle or Chris or Annelise wants some missionary training, on the LDS store they got the Preach My Gospel videos. They got the district 2 video on there. Those are good to help with teaching.

Yesterday was fast Sunday. I was able to do it just fine, probably because I've been eating so much. I mean I've been restricting myself on the eating, but there is sometimes – they just feed you a ton, and so you have got to limit other meals a little bit or eat healthy when you can and just do your best because people are going to feed you a ton. You don't have much opportunity to serve yourself here, but when you do, you better take advantage of it and not take too much and eat slower. Then people don't feel like you're way hungry and just sitting there hungry with no food – it's kind of rude anyway. We've definitely had a lot of fun.

Probably the most spiritual experience of the week was on Friday the 7th when we were studying Usually when we study, we go to the “Our People” tab and then go to “I'm a mormon” videos and study them so we can share those with people. I was thinking of somebody who had an issue or whose family that had a little bit of an issue with women and the priesthood, you know women not being able to hold the priesthood. So I looked it up on and came up with the new Relief Society manual “Daughters in My Kingdom.” I started reading chapter eight, and I felt the Spirit so strong. I wasn't sure if it was just testifying of truth or if it was prompting me to share that with this lady, but I felt the Spirit so strongly. We watched the little introduction video on the “Daughters in My Kingdom” website. Again, I felt the Spirit so strongly I was tearing up and things like that – it was weird because it seemed so out of the blue for me. That is a wonderful book, so I would encourage anybody at home, especially Mom, Lorielle and Annie, to go through that because it was just – Wow! – I really felt the Spirit. We are probably going to share that with this lady because it answers the question so well. It talks about the temples and things like that. Something about it is special. It was a very neat experience.

We are ready for another good week. We are going to do a lot more finding this week and getting out there and hopefully get some new investigators and meeting new people. That's been the week so far and has been very fun. As long as you are not thinking about yourself, missionary work is awesome. When you starting thinking about yourself, you start getting distracted and you loose focus.

I know that the Church is true. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I know that missionary work is an essential part of God's plan, and especially in the gathering of Israel. I know that Father in Heaven will answer our prayers. I know He hears and answers our prayers, and I know that He can change our hearts. If we prayer sincerely and fervently, and do our best to work toward something, He gives us the strength to do it. It's amazing how weak we are. You don't realize it that much, and I'm just barely starting to realize it now. All of us, we really need our Heavenly Father's help. Prayer is so important, and studying the scriptures. I know that's true, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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