Thursday, October 13, 2011

Email Questions: 10 October 2011

Have you had any whale oil yet?
No, but I've had what's called Muktuk. It is whale skin and fat. No meat, it's just skin on one end and fat on the other =). It's not bad, just a little chewy.

What is the most unique thing you've eaten so far?

What is the most unique P-day activity you've had so far?
Hiking Gray Mountain

Have you made any "Dragon" treats or dishes yet? What was the reaction?
Not yet. I haven't had time, but I definitely plan to soon =)

Did you get your coat and vitamins (with the SD card)?
yup, thanks for everything

Are you getting enough to eat? Is your allotment sufficient for you now?
Yes, they gave us a little more because things are more expensive here in Whitehorse. I don't think I'll have to spend anymore money. We've been fed a lot by the people here lately so I've probably had a little too much to eat.

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