Monday, October 24, 2011

Questions: 24 October 2011

What was your favorite day of the week?
Sunday. I love church.

What was your least favorite day of the week?
Friday. We do weekly planning that day. I love planning and Fridays, but I have to sit down for a long time and my seat gets a little sore =).

What is your typical Sunday schedule like?
Wake up at 6:30am, pray, shower, personal study, leave for the church, greet people, church starts at 10am, 11am is gospel essentials (the class for investigators really), 12pm priesthood, mingle with people after church, go to the Guevarra's for lunch, then proselyte.
The Oinker

What is the name of the place in Juneau that had the huge hamburgers? (I can see why the average elder gains 40 pounds haha)
The Booyah Grill =) haha. There are 2 items on the menu that cost $30, but if you finish them in an hour you don't have to pay. One is called the Oinker and the other is El Papi. The Oinker is a burger and El Papi is a burrito.

Who is the elder with the huge hamburger?
Elder Dean, and I think I have a picture of Elder Williams holding El Papi. =)

What did you have to eat?
Just a classic cheeseburger with fries. Normal size, haha.

El Papi
Have you had any discussions with people about your title as Elder and how First Nation are called "the elders?"
Ya. We just explain it is our title and designates us as teachers of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It makes sense to them because the Elders in the First Nation community are like the teachers there.

As the other elders take pictures, can you copy their pictures onto your SD card, particularly pictures with you in the frame?
Yes I can. We are going to do a picture exchange before the end of the transfer because there will most likely be some changes to our district.

What is one turning point or "defining moment" in your testimony of the Savior (see Dad's Discipleship email)?
Wow, that takes a little thought. My very first "defining moment" happened very early on in my childhood. As a little kid I had a lot of nightmares. I would often have what were to me, very scary dreams. I don't know how or why, but my initial response was prayer. In my dreams just before the scary thing came, just before I couldn't take it any more and it was just too scary, I thought to pray and ask my heavenly father to please wake me up. Every time, without fail, he would. I was spared from what I thought would be something too scary to bear. I did that throughout my early childhood. Every scary dream I would pray and be instantly woken up. I love my Father in Heaven and I know and always have known that he hears and answers our prayers. I know He is there.

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