Monday, February 27, 2012

Transcription: 27 February 2012

Elder Record and Elder Thorne have a baptism schedule for this Saturday!

Good morning everybody. This week has been awesome. We've got this guy, his name is Boi (only his nickname). He's pretty cool. He always keeps the commitments we give him. He's learning so much, and he is so excited to get baptized (haha). We just had his interview yesterday. Everything went well. We were kind of asking him about logistics and stuff, like who he wanted to do certain things, he's like “aah, I don't care, I just want to get baptized” (haha). I'm so happy for him too, because I know it's going to bless his life. He is going to be a lot happier because of it. We are excited because that's coming up this coming Saturday. His baptism is going to be in the morning. He is golden. He has just progressed so well. He stopped smoking, and a bunch of things like that. He is just willing to give so much for the gospel. I mean because it is. It is like the best gift we can give, and it blesses our lives so much more than we can give back in return. Heavenly Father loves us so much, and I am thankful for that.

We were also able to visit a guy named Persi. Everybody is related to everybody – it's kind of fun because I'm starting to know everybody in the ward. Persi in the ward is excited because he is going to be going to the temple soon. We are excited for he and his wife. We gave them one of those pamphlets, “Preparing to Enter the Holy Temple.”

Language study has been going good. I am starting to get the hang of Samoan a lot more. When people say stuff, I'm starting to understand it (haha). So when people are talking about things, or when someone asks me a question, I almost always will be able to tell what question they are asking me. I don't know all the little words, but I know what they are asking me.

We have been visiting a lot of people and been helping a lot of the less active members in the ward. They have been coming back to Church (haha), and that makes us so happy – seeing people excited to get going. Hopefully the Elder's Quorum will be able to start home teaching. We have noticed that with a lot of these people, all they need to do is be visited, and have a friend – to have somebody let them know they are thinking about them. They get excited again and come back to Church, and then they feel the strength from that. Usually that is all it takes. We have a lot of people we hope to start teaching. It's exciting.

We are excited about the youth, because the youth are getting really excited about missionary work. We had one guy come up to us, and he was like, “so Elders, can we call you to setup lessons, like a lesson with you guys?” We're like, “yah”, and wanted him to tell us a little more about what he meant. He said, “Like, can we invite non-members to our house and then call you and come over to teach them?” We were like, “YES, Please do that! (haha). That's what we want to hear.” If we can teach them in their friends home, they have their friend to support them, and help them along the way so it's not just us. We are not going to be there forever. So if they have a friend that can help them when we are not there, then they can stay strong in the Church even when hard times come. We have a lot of good people in the ward. I am very impressed with our youth because they are very well behaved. They have clean mouths. They play nice in basketball. They are just great kids. Our ward seems to be the most temperate out of all the Samoan wards.

Life is good. Things are going great. I love serving with Elder Thorne. We are able to go out and do a lot of work. (haha) I'm always tired. As soon as I get any kind of down time, I'm taking a nap on my desk or wherever. I am excited about how the work is progressing. I am thankful to be out here serving the people in the Samoan ward. Hopefully I get my Samoan down even better. We are excited about this next week because we are going to be busy, especially with Boi's baptism. That's just his nickname. I hope all is well at home. Things are going better than they have my whole mission.

I just want to bear my testimony that I know this Church is true. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet on the earth. I am thankful for temples. I am thankful for the gospel. I am thankful for all the commandments we have to help us become more like our Heavenly Father. I am thankful for the freedom they give us. I am thankful for the direction the gospel gives to my life, because I'm never wondering what going on, or worried about what's going to happen. Nothing really matters by way of things that happen because I know that our Heavenly Father is there for us. I know that as long as we are keeping the commandments, He will deliver us out of our trials. Whatever that means, I'll leave that up to our Heavenly Father. I know that He will be with us. I am thankful for all the good people in this ward and the wonderful work that they do. I love them so much. I am thankful for you guys back home, and I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Love, Elder Record

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