Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Questions: 13 February 2012

Elder Adam Thorne and Elder Record

Mom: Do you need anymore vitamins?
Nope I'm good.

Dad: Where is Elder Thorne from?
Spokane Washington (same place that our ancestor Joachim Langnese got his naturalization). He is the man.  We are very similar and love to work hard.  He likes to exercise too =).

Dad: What service projects have you worked on lately?
We helped with the iditarod dog sled race

Dad: What are you doing with family history right now?
Helping the elders in my district get started and see how things work

A bit cold that day
Dad: What challenging doctrinal question have you heard and how was it resolved?
I haven't had any challenging ones yet. I guess I just look to the scriptures. People's concerns are usually social. The doctrine just makes sense.

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