Monday, December 12, 2011

Transcription: 12 December 2011

Helloo. Today is the 12th of December. I got kind of lazy and I didn't do this on Sunday. I waited until the last second until this morning on Monday to finish it. But that's okay, because it really doesn't matter (haha). Last Monday was kind of fun. It was a good P-day. We played basketball at one point. Some of the members wanted to come, so we let them (haha). There was this one guy, his name is Mark. He is a returned missionary from Santiago, Chile. He's pretty cool. He was there at basketball, and so was the Young Men's president and his son. That was fun.

Later in the week, I went to the family history center. They have these books with Samoan genealogy. You go back far enough and they only kept oral records. So, basically a leading genealogy expert went through and got all the interviews, compiled all the information together, and wrote down all the lines of basically all Samoan family history that is done or that people know about. They have those three books there. I was able to arrange to get a copy of the first book, so I have a complete copy of the book. It is like 175 pages, but surprisingly it didn't cost that much – it was like $5.00 (haha).

We were able to teach an investigator who has an easier time speaking Samoan. We were able to show him “How Rare a Possession,” that everyone sent me, in Samoan. That was pretty cool – that is one of the few movies that is actually in Samoan.

On Wednesday, I think, we had dinner with our Ward Mission Leader, and I was able to get my testimony on Samoan. I have it written down. I am still working on being able to say everything. Oh, I also found out what Eric's name is, in Samoan. It's Elika. Elika Fa'amaumauga. When our Ward Mission Leader was doing my testimony, he also did the beginning part that is customary in Samoan culture. They like to give little proverbs, or whatever, at the beginning. He made sure it was a very respectful language, so it's pretty cool. It will be good. So I will work on that.

For our district meeting, our district lunch we went to IHOP, and it was really good (haha). I had French toast! – like I always do (haha). Oh, and then I got Grandpa's fudge in the mail. It was sooo good. I've shared it with a few people (haha). Oh man! It's good. I've been eating a lot of it, but I'm still staying healthy because actually on Monday I bought a bunch of vegetables, so I'm eating vegetables and fruit. I take my vitamins and exercise a lot. In fact, we will play basketball in the mornings. We'll wake up a little early and play basketball. On the days I don't play basketball, I will do strength training and work out. So I'm staying in pretty good shape. The caramels are pretty good, too – that Grandpa sent (haha).

A family in the ward, the Fiame's, Brother Fiame is actually in the bishopric; we went to dinner with them. We found out that they used to live in California, then they moved to Oklahoma and were there for like six years. They met a bunch of missionaries out there. They lived closer to Oklahoma City than Tulsa. I think they had to go through Oklahoma City to get to Tulsa. Anyway, they used to live there, I thought that was pretty cool, and I thought of Lorielle (haha).

On Sunday it was awesome! Normally it's been pretty disorganized. The Elders will just meet with the High Priests and just kind of do whatever. Sunday School was also a bit disorganized. But yesterday for Elder's quorum, they actually had an Elder's quorum. A lot of the Elder's quorum presidency work, so they are not able to be there, but one of the counselors was able to be there. So he is now getting everything organized and set up. In Elder's quorum we talked about how we want to build the brotherhood or the unity of the quorum and basically establish Zion. You know, build each other up, strengthen the feeble knees, lift up the hands that hang down, like the scriptures say. They are really getting the missionary spirit (haha), and they are going to be good examples for the youth, and getting them excited about the Gospel and serving missions. One of the high counselors was there too. It was pretty awesome. Basically, what he went through was, what are some of the things that keep us from working together in unity. Then we figured out what are some of the things we can do to take care of that and build the unity. One of the things I mentioned was service projects. Back home, you know, the Elder's quorum are some of the first people on the scene when someone is moving in. They help them move in, and do stuff like that. They thought that was really cool. So anyway, things are going to be looking pretty good. So we'll see how we can help.

That same guy in the Elder's quorum presidency has a niece that is nine, but she hasn't been baptized. So we are going to be teaching her the missionary lessons so she can be baptized. It is like a convert baptism because she is older than 8 (haha). So we will teach her real quick and then baptize her.

I have been reading the Book of Mormon a lot – it's kind of hard to put down. I just got to Jacob this morning. I have been thinking a lot about work and the Book of Mormon. I know it's true. I know that missionary work is fun – it can be hard, but it's fun. You learn and grow a lot from it. I know the Church is true. I am thankful to be out here serving the people in Alaska. I am excited to have a fun P-day. We'll see you all later (haha).

Love, Elder Record

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