Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Baptism: 21 December 2011

Elder Record, Sister Brown, Katie Lewis, Brother Jude, Elder Johnson
taken Nov 2011.

We just found out from Elder Johnson, Elder Record's previous companion in Whitehorse, YT, that one of Elder Johnson and Elder Record's investigators was just baptized. Katie Lewis was baptized on Saturday, 17 December 2011 by Elder Brad Johnson. We are not sure if Elder Record is aware of the baptism yet, because he is in Anchorage.  We are so excited to talk with him about it on Christmas day. He will be calling us on Christmas. We are planning to use Skype for a video call. The following is a quote from Elder Johnson's blog regarding Sister Lewis' baptism.

"We've had an amazing week. Out of the blue, Katie Lewis, an investigator that Elder Record and I began teaching decided that she wanted to get baptized before I left. She determined all that she was holding out for wasn't important and that she just needed to take the step of faith. She was baptized yesterday--the service was amazing."

Elder Johnson, ?, Katie Lewis, Sister Brown, Elder Norris
 Missionary work is so exciting!!

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