Monday, June 24, 2013

A Testimony of Christ

I didn't get around to making an audio update today. Things are kind of rushed. We're getting 2 new missionaries today, 2 more in a couple weeks, and about 15 more on the 22nd. So today we'll be giving the new missionaries some orientation =) I loved the Missionary Broadcast. I think it really helped everyone to realize how much things are progressing and how much we need to change. I'm happy to be on this end of it right now because I get a unique perspective on it. We're the ones kind of making all the preparations for the change to occur and for the whole wave of missionaries with the new tools to have room and be in place.

Life is good up here. The work in the ward is really starting to blossom. The ward is so supportive. We love it here.

This week I've really been thinking a lot about the Book of Mormon. I've been impressed with the power it has to help us change. Whenever I read it I always feel so much better, so much more confident. I'm able to have a clearer mind to cope with struggles and, when we're teaching, with objections and rejections. I'm realizing that the reason that is the case is because of how clearly and powerfully the Book of Mormon testifies of Christ and His divinity. As I read the stories in the Book of Mormon I see how the people were able to find help and strength (grace) through the savior. I learn how I can apply that grace in my every day life because I'm able to easily see how they did it in theirs. I especially love the powerful testimonies of the Atonement that are given. I love reading about their boldness and their determination to serve the Lord till the very end. I love the messages of never giving up even in the face of extreme opposition. It's so fun to see how much the Book of Mormon really does focus on the Savior. I love Him, and I know He lives. I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have to learn of Him, not only from reading about Him, but by serving Him as well. I pray I'll continue to gain a deeper understanding of the Atonement and love for the Savior.

Love, Elder Record

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