Monday, June 10, 2013

Transfers Are Complete

This week has taken a lot of energy. So many people need help, and there is only so much help we as individuals can give. I'm so happy to hear all the wonderful news of how well things are going back home, I can't really even explain it. Transfers are tomorrow and we've been busy all week. It's an interesting process. President and Sister Beesley, Elder Martinez, and myself gather around the projector as we view all the missionaries in the mission. We prayerfully try to determine where the Lord wants each individual missionary. Some things come together quickly others take longer. We get to the point where everything feels comfortable, except for one. We try to fit them in but nothing seems to work, so we have to pull several people out and shift things around again. It seems almost impossible for things to come together the way they need to. Then President reassures us that this happens every time, but that something amazing happens also. He tells us that things get to the point where it will never seem to work, but then we fit one person in the right place with the right person and everything falls into place in a very dramatic way. This time it happened with a new missionary. We felt uncomfortable about who he was with and that he needed to be trained by someone else. We finally found the right person and just like President said, everything fell into place. It was like a bunch of puzzle pieces dropping into place. It helped me to know even more how our Heavenly Father is concerned about the one. He knows us individually and loves us. He is into the details of our lives and knows where we need to be and what we need to do. If we turn to Him, He will help us.

I love the Lord, and I feel so good as I diligently serve him. It feels so good to be diligent in general. I feel like I'm gaining so many experiences that, though hard, are preparing me to be so much more capable of helping others. I pray the Lord will help me to stay focused on the one so that I won't ever pass by someone who needs my help. It's exhilarating to stay focused and improve myself each day in hopes of being more ready to help people. What motivates me the most however is the thought that one day I will stand before my Father in Heaven as He embraces me and says, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant..."(Matt. 25:21)

Life is good! We truly can find joy and peace even in hard times. We can also find it in the happy times.

P.S. Cool side note, I met my friend, Thatcher Lamb, again. I ran into him at the temple when we went to ponder the transfers, and at church yesterday in Rabbit Creek ward. He just got off his mission in Paraguay and we was up with some family working. I love to come back after a while of not seeing someone to find that they are still striving to draw nearer to the Savior. Alma 17:2 came to mind. Also my new companion is Elder Yde. Elder Martinez is going home to Arizona tomorrow night. We'll be covering only the Rabbit Creek Ward which we are very excited about. We get to focus more on one area and not be spread as thin. A lot is happening too. The members are really helping us out with the missionary work too.

=) Love you all, Elder Record

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