Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Elder Record is involved in transfers this week. There are nine new missionaries in the Alaska Anchorage Mission. He drove from Fairbanks to Anchorage to help in the logistics of the transfers. I expect to hear from him in the next day or two after things settle down.

I got to watch their transfer meeting and see Elder Record via a live video stream. It was great. The video stream allows the other missionaries in the mission who cannot drive to Anchorage to see the new missionaries and participate in the meeting. They showed a short video of the new missionaries each getting assigned to their trainers. Elder Beirne from Honolulu, Hawaii has been assigned to Elder Record to be trained. Elder Beirne is a half head taller than Elder Record. So when President Beesley called Elder Record as Elder Beirne's trainer, it was fun to watch Elder Record come up to this big Hawaiian Elder and give him a big enthusiastic hug. They also brought each new training companionship up in front of the cameras at the transfer meeting to introduce them to the mission. Let's pray for Elder Beirne that he will adjust quickly to the highs of 55 and lows of 39 degrees in Fairbanks. He is going to Fairbanks 3rd Ward to serve. Good luck, Elders! Unfortunately I did not hear where Elder Conlin was going to be assigned. They seemed to focus on the nine new Elders.

Transfer meeting streamed live

Elder Beirne and Elder Record introduced to the mission.

Elder Beirne on his first day in the mission field.

Elder Beirne and Elder Record

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