Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back in Fairbanks

Hello everybody. I didn't have P-day on Monday because we drove down to Anchorage for the transfer meeting. You probably saw the transfer meeting, but I'm training again. I have an awesome companion, Elder Beirne. Say hello Elder Beirne. “Hello, Elder Beirne.” Thank you, Elder Beirne. Elder Beirne is awesome. He used to play football for the University of Arizona and was a quarterback. He finished his undergrad and is a year into getting his MBA. He is very smart, very talented, and a very good missionary. We will have a good time together and hit the ground running. He has a strong testimony of the atonement and has a very strong desire to serve and help others.

Elder Beirne and Elder Record
This week is kind of sad to see Elder Conlin leave. He was a good missionary, but he is going to have fun. He is going down to Kodiak. He is going to be with Elder Durfee. Elder Durfee used to be the Zone Leader for the Anchorage Zone. He's a very musically talented missionary, so him and Elder Conlin will get along great. They will probably write a bunch of songs, and have a lot of fun and baptize all of Kodiak.We had a pretty nice week. We finished strong our last week. We probably did more work than we have in total being together for one week.

Let's see. Who is somebody that we saw this last week? We had a good lesson with one of our investigators. She's Athabaskan, and she's a really nice lady. She is very humble. She is a good parent. She has a good heart. She has actually helped a few homeless kids, and takes them in, and helps them to get their life together, and then she sends them off. She is kind of excited about the Book of Mormon, and is going to start reading it – her mother too. She has a lot of good friends who are members of the church who have really influenced her and helped her out. So we are excited to begin working with her. I really like talking with people who are happy (haha). She is just one of the those happy people who always enjoys our company. It's fun to be able to teach her because she's open to listening to us and for trying things out, because she knows we care about her. We had a member with us at the last lesson, who is Inupiat. That's an Eskimo basically. Her family is from Barrow, and they got along really well. They could relate quite a bit, it was actually kind of weird how well they related (haha). It was a good match, and that will help. She knows a lot of people in the ward which is kind of neat. I found that out during Ward Council.

A fun experience coming up is our Zone Conference. We are going to do a little trek thing; that should be fun. I'll tell you about that after it happens.

The drive down to Anchorage was fun. It's weird, the more I drive forever, the more it seems I get used to it. Except last time (haha) on the way up, it wasn't very fun because my legs started to fall asleep. I liked going back to the bigger city for a visit. Now I'm enjoying Fairbanks again.

So, I can't think of anything else. Oh! It's almost fall. Well, it kind of already is fall. A lot of the leaves are turning yellow, so it should get cold soon. So that will be fun. When and if I need warmer clothes, I'll figure it out. Anyway, have fun at home. I hope all is well and everybody is doing great. I'm glad to hear about Lorielle and all the cool stuff she is doing in Oklahoma. Talk to you all next week.

Love, Elder Record

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