Monday, August 20, 2012

Transcription: 20 August 2012

Good morning! Last Monday we got to go on a hike. We went down University Avenue, and there is this little pond, lake thing that's off to the left of the road if I'm heading South. There is this parking lot right next to the lake. We started on a trail and hiked around, and then came back. That is what we did for our fun thing for P-day. But, the cool part was that we found raspberries on the trail! There are raspberries everywhere here. There is this one family we go to; they have like a hybrid raspberry bush. It's a huge bush, and it has huge raspberries, and they got tons of them. We went there one time and picked a bunch of their berries (haha). It was fun to find some berries on the trail.

Elder Conlin, Elder Lawson and Elder Record at the Alaska Pipeline off the Steese highway.

When we were tracting the other day; knocking on some houses on Wilderness Drive, and we found a raspberry bush at the intersection where it splits off and goes into the loop. That's pretty good. I really like raspberries. I probably want to grow them when I get back. We got a chance to go on exchanges with Elder Lawson, who is one of the assistants to the president. We had a really good time and it worked out well. That was the day we found the raspberry bush tracting.

We found a new investigator. She is an atheist, her ideas, when she explains herself, are pretty close in line with the gospel's. So we'll see if we can't help her to establish that belief in God, because there are too many times things have happened for any of us missionaries to not have seen that God is there and that God loves us and watches out for us. Just from all the miracles that we see going on, and how God's in the details. He knows exactly who his children are, where they are, what's going on and when the time is right for them to hear about the gospel.

We had a good lesson with this other guy. We taught him about the Plan of Salvation, and he's pretty open and receptive. He listens well and thinks about things. Sometimes he will be like, “well, I'm not sure about your beliefs, but my belief is this” and then he says something or makes a comment, then we are like, “oh yeah, that's true, that's what it is.” He has really good questions. He thinks about it deeply. He has already prayed about the Bible to know if it is true, and has gotten an answer that it is. He said that if he can do it with that, he knows he can do it with the Book of Mormon. So that is what he is going to do. He's pretty cool. He's going to go to college soon at the UAF and study to become a neurosurgeon. He's pretty smart guy.

We helped out [Name withheld] with her Danish family history. I’m not going lie, that’s just about my favorite thing to do is Danish Genealogy. We watched 17 Miracles today. It was really neat to see the story of one of my ancestors in there. It’s the story where the mother has no food for her family and prays for help. She then remembers two hard sea biscuits she had stored away in her luggage. She found that they were too hard to break so she poured some water over them in a large pot and put it over the fire. She then prayed with her family for the Lord to provide for them as he had with the loaves and fishes to feed the 5,000. She opened the pot and it was full. From that they had enough food to keep them going. Her name was Ann Jewel Rowley and in the movie it introduces them as the Rowley family. I felt the spirit witness that the Lord is mindful of us and will provide for us. I know that as I diligently strive to serve my best out here on my mission, the Lord will provide for me and guide me to where I need to be and to what I need to do. I hope to be known as a hard working and a humble person. I hope that when people remember me they will remember that I was like that. I’m thankful for my ancestors and their strength in pushing through those struggles. I also thank the Lord for providing for them because I wouldn’t be where I am today if he hadn’t. I’m thankful for the gospel and how light it makes my burdens to bear. I’ve seen him answer my prayers and strengthen me when I need his help.

We bucked hay with one of the members. That's kind of some things with did last week. We have been kind of going around, and transfers are coming up. So we are just getting everything ready, working hard, and trying to finish strong. It's fun to be a missionary (haha) and help people make changes, live better lives, and be happier. It's very fulfilling, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I'm learning a lot for when I get back home. I feel like I'm so much more capable. I know the Church is true, and I say that in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Love, Elder Record

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