Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Questions: 26 March 2012

Dad: What was the funniest thing that happened this week?
I don't remember, we laugh a lot in the car. I keep slipping on the ice because my mind preoccupied with other things. That's pretty funny.

Dad: What were some of your top spiritual experiences this week?
[name withheld1] is one of our less active members who’s husband is probably a non-member, haha. I’m not sure yet. He says he was baptized, but nobody is his family thinks so. He was raised by his grandmother who was a seventh day Adventist. He loves to have fun and goof off, but he’s got almost the entire bible memorized. I’m really good friends with him. I told you that he agreed to take the lessons when the baby came. A week ago [name withheld1] went in for an appointment and was sent to the hospital to get an emergency c section. She and the baby almost died. She gave me a call and told me that they were doing fine now, but it was kind of scary. We then planned to come by later in the day if we had time, but definitely come the next day. I felt like we should go the same day we got her call, so a little before 7 we left for the hospital because we didn’t have any set appointments for the rest of the evening. As we walked in she said, “Elders I’m glad you came I was about to call you. The baby had something go wrong with her lungs.” They enjoy our company, and our presence really helped to comfort them because she was having a very hard time emotionally. They asked us to give, and we gave, a blessing to the baby. [name withheld2], her husband was there, and her nonmember and best friend. The baby is now doing alright as well as [name withheld1]. [name withheld2] was at church on Sunday with [name withheld1] and [name withheld3] her sister. I was so happy I just about cried, haha.

Dad: What are your companion's strengths?
He cares a lot about the people and the work. He has desires to serve his heavenly father. That is the greatest thing I could ask for in a companion. He's is clean and tidy. He's very considerate. He has a good memory and is a good teacher.

Dad: What have you learned from Elder Wright this week?
A lot about the Samoan language. More on how to focus on people and not just teaching lessons.

Mom: Is there anything you need us to send to you or that you are missing?
Did you get my email about the socks? I'm running low and few pairs of those Mr Mac gold toe socks would be awesome.

Love, Elder Record

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