Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Score was Fun to Fun!

So, this week I will try to make an attempt at a more detailed description of spiritual events that have happened. So, let me get out my planner because my memory only works for like the last three hours. Yesterday we were going to eat dinner with a family. Their neighbors just barely moved in from Norway. We got to talk with the kids in the family for a little bit and get to know them. Hopefully we will get to go back and teach them more. They have never really heard anything about the Church. It was fun, and the food was delicious.

It is tricky in our area. There are a lot of people who are comfortable where they are at. A lot of people have heard about the Church, have seen missionaries or something. It is more effective for one of the members to go up and invite them to learn more, verses us asking them. There just seems to be a wall that is immediately up – a feeling that “I'm good and don't need anything extra.”

Oh, hey!!! There's a former mission president walking down the street! He was the mission president for some mission in India. He and his wife walk every morning down the streets – this morning on De Armoun Road.

We went to Fairbanks. I am really happy because there is a really good missionary in my old ward, Fairbanks 3rd Ward, and he's really doing well. I found out that one of our investigators who we struggled to meet with, but was super solid, wanting to learn more and find out, the missionaries were able to continue teaching her. She is progressing really well; she is coming to Church, and reading the Book of Mormon. She is already in Heleman. So it is just super awesome to see how positive things are going in that area. All the missionaries seem to be doing really well in Fairbanks. For the most part there is a lot more unity with the missionaries. It seems like there is a lot more mind set to just work and share the gospel with everybody.

We got to play soccer on Monday for the first time in my mission. I guess I kind of did it once before, but it was for a morning exercise. It wasn't much of a game, but we actually got to play a soccer game. We whomped them, the score was fun to fun!

We were also able to do some service by mowing some people's lawn.

We found [Name withheld] that wants to be taught. We are teaching him, and he is excited. He has a really big desire to come closer to Jesus Christ. So we are able to help him, and we will see how things go.

I may or may not have a ton of time to email in the future because next Monday we are bringing in new missionaries, and the next Monday we are bringing in new missionaries. Anyway, please keep writing. I will probably be able to read it.

Love, Elder Record

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