Friday, May 31, 2013

Work in Juneau

Hello Family! We are here in Juneau and life is amazing. The trees here are beautiful. We got to fly in and see the ocean. It smells great here – not inside the building, but outside the building. Right now I'm looking at a waterfall that's really little. Apparently there were bears outside yesterday at church. It's so green. I'm pretty happy and excited to be here.

When Elder Zwick came here, he said that we should begin setting goals, not just with ourselves for the work we are doing, but we should be setting those goals with the ward. So we came up with a system for recording that. I have a little card that I can fit in my planner. We meet with our ward mission leader and have goals and people in mind. We talk with him about people he thinks, along with us, that we can teach and find – goals like that. So it's pretty handy because I think it will get the work going a lot. Instead of just being us planning the goals, it will be a whole bunch of people planning with us. It will make things easy and make more things happen, and they will be updated all the time on how things are going so they will constantly have it in the back of their head. So it looks like missionary work will definitely progress, especially in the ward we are at.

I love Rabbit Creek ward, and Brayton Ward, but Rabbit Creek ward give the best. They have like 20 to 25 active priests. It's insane! We took them to the mission home and had that little fireside. We have been taking them out teaching with us. We have gone over to all the priests' house teaching the lessons to them too, so they could see them and how it works. In Rabbit Creek, we have like four potential investigators. The members are setting up lessons for us. So, that's pretty cool. It's exciting to see everybody excited.

What else is super awesome about this week? We went to Fairbanks. That was pretty cool too. I got to be in my old area a little bit, and help them reconnect with a couple of people. It was warm and sunny and hot. We then came back to Anchorage, and it was not. Now it's kind of warmer. Juneau is like 60 degrees. There is like a cool breeze that comes off the ocean; it's so nice.

Let me look at my planner. What other cool things happened? We are starting transfers to look at where people should go. That's fun. It's kind of weird though; it's like I'm picking my next companion, so that's weird.

On Tuesday we got to go and see one of our investigators, who is super awesome. He could totally get baptized, if he realized he was ready. Right now he wants to take a step back and make sure he understands the Bible, which … I don't think anyone understands the Bible; okay well maybe some people do. Anyway, we are going to study with him and cross reference things with other scriptures, and help him understand and come closer to Christ. Hopefully as he does that, he will feel more confident and want to study the Book of Mormon and ask if it's true. It's either going to take him a long time to be baptized or not very long at all.

We got to help a recent convert move some of her stuff around. We got to know her two kids. They are probably going to let us come by and teach them. They are not members of the Church yet. Anyway, that is how the week went. It has been super busy because we have been meeting usually with President Beesley, with any spare time that we had.

I love you all, bye.

Love, Elder Record

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