Monday, April 1, 2013

Ukraine Temple Dedication Touches Investigator

Good morning everybody. I've got this really fun video of Elder Terry feeding some duckies with a big bag of bread. I will have to email it. We watched it after district meeting. It's pretty funny. There are like 5,000 ducks, and that was at the library.

I am on exchanges with Elder McMillian. It's been pretty fun. We've been together for a couple of days because he's not feeling too well and I had my gum surgery. So, it helps me to not smile as much, I guess (haha). We have been in O'Malley ward, having a blast, and working hard. We met this cool guy, [Name withheld], whose from Ukraine. We were able to show him that Mormon message of the temple dedication in Kyiv, Ukraine. He really liked that and the festivities. He was excited because it was his culture and the culture of the countries around him. 

We plan on getting him on conference in the near future to listen to it in Ukrainian, in this own language. It will probably help them better understand the principles of the Gospel than if we were teaching them in English. That's exciting, and he even came to Church when his back was hurting him really bad.

There was this one lady who was going to invite this old man to church, and he needed a listening device. So we got the listening device ready. Turns out he didn't come, but [Name withheld] came. He has pretty bad hearing too, so we just happened to have his listening device. We handed it to him, and he used it. It seemed to go really well. It was kind of a mini-miracle.

We taught some Easter messages to people. We have been playing basketball in the mornings so we are in shape and awake in the morning for studies more than normal. It's been beautiful! It's beautiful right now. A couple of days ago it was cloudy and dull. There was one day that it was foggy and cloudy and rainy and sunny all in the same day; and it snowed! I have some more big meetings coming up next week. That will be fun. We went tracting a lot this week. The people were so nice.

Love, Elder Record

A drawing, in the works, of the Savior by Elder Terry

Northern Lights as seen out my back window.

My super awesome, double gold printed,
factory mess-up, study Book of Mormon =)
It's got character.

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