Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Life is Good!

Hola, mi familia. Today is snowy and cloudy and cold; it's thirteen degrees. Just a couple of days ago, actually yesterday, it was sunny and warm; it was like 25 degrees. It was warm because it was sunny. The weather is kind of weird, but that's because it is break up. It's kind of coming on and off like a light switch. Soon all this will be melted, and safer to drive on. We will just have to be careful because we already got our winter tires switched off. Luckily we are in a truck and have four-wheel drive. So that's a benefit, and Elder Terry is a master driver.

This week has been very fun because we had the opportunity to go around like crazy (haha). We are covering two wards right now. We have been going back and forth, doing things. That has been occupying us a lot.

One of our investigators is going to have us over for dinner. That is exciting. I guess that shows we are growing on him (haha). This guy seems to be progressing more and more. They have so much junk around them though. He is an honest, humble seeker of truth it seems, but all these distractions are getting in the way. We are hoping to help them feel the Spirit and get an environment where he can feel the Spirit.

We had one of our investigators just get done with five years of recovery from slipping on the stairs and breaking a bunch of stuff and tumbling down the stairs. She just got over that, and she just barely got in a car accident, and hurt her neck a little bit. We are going to go see her soon and see how she's doing. So, pray for her.

General Conference was also really good. I think my favorite talk with Richard G. Scott. I think he only gave one talk. He talked about technology and using technology and how it can be a protection to us if we use it right. You know you always think if you use it right it can be a tool, or you know if you're not careful it can be bad; it can be a temptation. I like how he mentioned with all the good that you can put on those devices now, especially because of the things the Church has put out, it can be a protection to you if you use it right. It can help you “keep virtue garnishing your thoughts.” I was impressed by that. I also loved so much how they talked about families and strengthening families, and family relationships and enduring to the end. It was like answers to prayers every single session. It was just amazing. It was so good.

Another talk that I really liked was Elder Holland's. That kind of pierced me right where I needed it. He kind of hit my concerns right on the head. Yeah, it was awesome; I felt the Spirit. Because I felt the Spirit there in the meeting, I knew what they said was true. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet. I know the apostles are as well. I know they are called of God, and they lead and guide us, and help us to do what's right. That is pretty cool when you think about it, that we have the opportunity to have apostles and prophets on the earth. Not too many people got that opportunity in the earth's history, but we do, and we can take advantage of it, if we will listen to them. I was grateful for the opportunity to listen to them.

I kept remembering the statement that President Monson made at the beginning to be alert and pay attention. So, there was one time when I was about to fall asleep (I think it was during President Eyring's talk), but I remembered that. I was kind of prompted I guess to stay away, so I stayed awake during his talk. I ended up getting some personal revelation that was really neat, that I would not have gotten if I had fallen asleep (haha). So, I was thankful for that (haha).

I am grateful for the chance to be in Alaska because it's awesome. I am happy that Lorielle is doing so well on her mission. I'm just happy to see all the things happening – like in conference they talked a lot about missionary work and how the Lord is hastening His work. In our mission alone we have not received that many missionaries. We might receive like five or ten more, but the work is almost double. There are so many more baptisms happening. In our zone this last month, there were more people baptized in our zone in March than almost the entire year of 2012. That is pretty amazing to see.

Anyway, things are just awesome. Life it good and happy! We are in a trio right now. It is super fun. I love trios. I know Lorielle has been in trios like forever. Transfers are coming up in three weeks. I'll have to ask Lorielle how many times she has trained – or I guess I should say Sister Record. Anyway, she just seems like she's doing awesome. People here are awesome. I love teaching the gospel. Bye!

Love, Elder Record

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