Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Before Christmas Call Update

Meeerry Christmas! I'll say that again on Christmas. So the reason why I'm doing this on Saturday is because on Monday, Christmas Eve, the library will be closed.

This week was a good week. We had one thing that was kind of fun; the training on family history. We did that at 10:30, ate lunch, then drove up to Wasilla. We did the training again in Wasilla from 2:00 to 3:30pm; then we stayed there and helped people print off their pedigree charts while Elder Leota did some language study with one of the Samoan elders. It was fun. Then we went to dinner with President Beesley.

We have been helping this family with their family history, and they are getting really excited. They want to come to church so they can go to the family history center. It's exciting to see them progress. She said the thing that was unique about helping her get motivated was that family history was something new. The missionaries have gone to her house for like five years. She would hear the same things taught. Granted, the gospel is simple and not complex. That being said, she had also been taught the same principles over and over again. She liked it because it was something new that she could do that would help her. That has been kind of the highlight of the week.

We have been sharing Christmas messages with everybody. We had dinner with a Samoan family, and Elder Leota really liked that. He was able to speak his language and eat some normal food (haha). He really likes rice. He always loves it when people cook rice (haha).

Normally I have had lessons with people mostly in their houses or at someone else's house. However, we had a lesson this week at a Barnes and Noble. So we sat down at a table and taught someone about the Book of Mormon.

I thought is was interesting that I will be with Elder Leota for both his Christmases and both mine. I get to help him with his calling card again to call home and talk with his family. It turns out that he will have to call on Monday because, ever since they switched the time in Samoa, when it's Monday here, it's Tuesday there. So, he is going to call them on Christmas, which will be Christmas eve here. It didn't used to be that way. Which is kind of funny because Samoa and Western Samoa are like an hour apart, but they are different days – one's Monday and one's Tuesday. So it's kind of bizarre. But... whatever floats their boat.

The end of the world came, and... then it didn't. So that was exciting (haha). We went to couple of houses where they were celebrating the solstice (haha). I really didn't have anybody really freak out about it. I thought it would be bigger, but it wasn't. It was just a normal day, and to people it was just a normal day. So I wonder what it will be like when the second coming really does happen. It will probably be much the same way. It will be like all of the sudden, people will be like, “oh, dang!” If you are living righteously, you will be prepared, and you see it coming. But if not, you are not prepared.

I have been studying family history a lot. Studying is fun. Being a missionary is fun. I know the Church is true.

Elder Record: Elder Davis, what do you thing?
Elder Davis: The Church is true.
Elder Record: Yes! Elder Davis thinks the Church is true. No, he knows it's true, and the book is blue.

We are on exchanges today. Elder Davis is one of the district leaders.

Oh, it's very cold, but it's sunny so I'm happy. It's two degrees. It was negative eleven before. It was so cold. I was dieing.

We went to go play basketball in the morning. I looked like I was from Hogwarts, because I had my church shoes on (haha), and my gym clothes, and my pajama pants, and then my coat that goes over my suit coat, with a scarf on (hahaha), and my gloves – my mittens. That was kind of funny. I should have taken a picture.

Anyway, I will talk to you all shortly. Bye.

Love, Elder Record

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