Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Zone Meeting

This week we are in a trio. This was a really good week. We were really busy getting ready for Elder Leota. We had a couple of really good meetings and one where Elder Christensen, the area seventy, spoke with us. That was a really good meeting. The Spirit was there really strong.

There is a family we are teaching the Atonement and Plan of Salvation. We had a zone meeting this week. The Spirit was there pretty strong. We were able to testify that attitude can make all the difference (haha). I talked about the sons of Mosiah and what made them great, and how they received their mighty change of heart. We cannot convert others above our own conversion. I also read Alma 17:9 and the part of that verse I talked about was where it says they received a portion of the Spirit. Then I asked the question, “how big is our portion?” If we ourselves grow our own testimonies so that we can receive that bigger portion of the Spirit, then we have more to offer the people. We are able to teach with more power to others. Like Nephi in the Book of Mormon, it's easier for people to see that it is true and that it's good. They know because they see the love of Christ in our eyes. I read Alma 5:14 and 26 and asked the question, “can you feel so now?” We all have been converted. The trick is to remember that conversion, and that is what helps it continue to grow. As we continually remember the joy we felt at our conversion, then we are able to share that with others and testify in such a way that they know that it's true. The Spirit can testify to them. We setup a zone scripture and it's Proverbs 16:3 and then half of Proverbs 23:7; that first phrase. We kind of talked about thoughts and how we look to the Lord and commit ourselves to the Lord, he can direct our thoughts. Elder Quintin L. Cook gave a talk “Can Ye Feel So Now?” in this last conference. He talked about challenges that lessen our commitment. I talked about the first one being unkindness. The other challenge was impure thoughts that can keep us from fully committed. The more we turn our hearts over to the Lord, the more we become committed; because He directs our thoughts. With those thoughts, we become that person that God would want us to be.

That's kind of the highlights of the week. We've been working hard, thinking about Christmas; sharing the Christmas message with lots of people. It's fun to be out hear and learn from all these wonderful people – and to listen.

I'm excited for next week. See you next week.

Love, Elder Record

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