Tuesday, November 27, 2012

North Pole and Laundry

Elder Record standing by "the North Pole" in
North Pole, AK

Elder Higley says it's three degrees and perfectly good weather. It's kind of cold, but yeah it's not that bad. Elder Higley is from Missouri, the Ozark's region, which is southwest.

Elder Record: What is your favorite thing about Alaska? [Pause]
Elder Record: Okay, least favorite thing?
Elder Higley: It's cold. It's dark. The sun doesn't go down in the summer. Everything is expensive.
Elder Record: That is true. Okay, so now let's think of positive things. For every negative thing, we have to say five positive things.
Elder Higley: I get to drive a truck. I get the gas.
Elder Record: We get mail. I never got mail before my mission except for bills.
Elder Higley: Well, I passed where we are supposed to go.
Elder Record: That's okay. Sorry, I was distracting you.
Plaque for "the North Pole"

So this week was kind of hectic because it was transfers, and we had to move people around, staying up late, and helping people at the mission home, zone conference that we had to plan for and carry out. So it was a busy, busy week. But, we were still able to do a lot of work and see a few non-members. We got to go out and visit a lot of less active members.

We have a really cool ward mission leader. He is really proactive and just a great guy. This ward is really cool. I am excited to be serving here, because everybody seems to want to work. There are a lot of returned missionaries.

For zone conference we basically talked about overcoming challenges and concerns. We talked about how in order to get charity and love, to have a desire to work and to have love for others, and hope that good things can happen; you need to apply Moroni 8:26 which says after you receive a remission of sins, that brings meekness and lowliness of heart. So as you remember the atonement, and what the Savior has done for us; we are humbled. That humility invites the Spirit. When we have the Spirit it then says that comforter fills us with hope and perfect love; so charity and hope. There are some really good definitions of those in Preach My Gospel. With that, you have to be humble and you have to have virtue. So you have to have good thoughts, and constantly be putting good in. Otherwise, you cannot develop those attributes and have the Spirit with you. That's kind of what I studied and a little bit about what we talked about in zone conference. That was the focus to be focused and have a change of attitude, and to go out and work with a fresh determination. We also talked a little bit about finding new investigators, and how to go about doing that and working with the members. We had some training from President and Sister Beesley and the assistants. A lot of it was kind of talking about the same thing; which was kind of ironic, but not really when working with the gospel. It's not ever a coincidence. The Lord tells us how we need to improve, like it says in Ether 12:27.
Elder Record sitting in Santa's chair,
but is he naughty or nice?
Probably just missed Santa.

[Water running the background]
Right now I'm a little distracted because I'm doing laundry.

Anyway, it was really fun. It's fun being a zone leader...

Elder Higley: You want the bags of laundry – the bag itself?
Elder Record: Yep. Oh, alright, there we go. Do I have any other darks?
Elder Higley: You have your glove.
Elder Record: Oh!!! My glove, thank you. Okay, so... [washer door slams in the background] uuh...
Elder Higley: Was the stuff you're wearing...
Elder Record: Yea, that was my white shirts. Alright, anyway [washer door slams] ...ooh!! that was the weird stuff; Fels-Naptha. Anyway, sorry. I'll talk to you guys next week I guess.

Love, Elder Record

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