Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Transcription: 11 June 2012

Driving to Fairbanks, AK
Fairbanks is way different than Anchorage (haha). There are trees everywhere! They are huge trees too. There are like dirt roads everywhere in our area, and it is like completely back woods. So if you could pick any place in Alaska that typifies Alaska, it's the Fairbanks 3rd Ward. It's basically everything in the North of Fairbanks. So it covers places like Lucia, Circle, and all the way up to the Yukon River. I think it's the largest geographical ward in the world -- people here are saying. The people here are really nice, we actually live inside a member's home in the basement. It's really nice, and they really take good care of us. As soon as we got here, they were telling us of some people we need to go see. We were happy and excited about that. It's really neat being up here, it's really different from Anchorage. It is kind of nice to change things up. When I first got here, I was like "oh my goodness, this is so bizarre;" (haha) because it was so different. I was missing seeing my Polynesians around (haha), because there are not that many of them in Fairbanks.

Elder Record and Elder Benjamin Conlin
Elder Conlin is a cool guy. He was at BYU for a year before he came on his mission. He is from New Orleans, Louisiana. I am excited to serve with him and get to know him. One thing about Fairbanks is, there are lots of mosquitoes. I think it is the same in all of Alaska, but they are kind of bad in Fairbanks (haha). Good thing I have bug spray.

We are starting to get the hang of the area pretty well. We sectioned off are area into sections because it's so big. So that all the people we are going to visit that day can be in that group. We color coordinated it. I can open my planner up and see the color and know which section I should go to for work that day. Elder Conlin did a lot of that. He's pretty excited about that. It's good, because it helps us stay more effective and more efficient so we waste our time driving from one area and back and only end up seeing like one, maybe two people a day. So we kind of group it off to be more effective.

I am the district leader. So I get to do a little different things. I get to organize a district meeting every month. The last one was really good. I get to see how all the missionaries in the district are doing.

This week from Wednesday to Friday we are going to be gone. We are going to be driving down to Anchorage on Wednesday and come back on Friday. I get to go to the temple on Friday. I'm really excited about that (haha). On Thursday we get to have zone conference. Elder Coliker from the Seventy is coming to visit us. It's a long drive, but it's fun (haha).

The work here is going pretty well. We are starting to get on our feet again, because we had no idea what was going on or what was what here when we got here. Now we are starting to get a feel for it. Church was really nice. We got to meet a lot of people and meet some of the potential members up here. It's nice to testify about Book of Mormon.

I know the Book of Mormon is true. I know that it does have the power to change our hearts. I am thankful for my Savior, Jesus Christ and all that he has done for me. I am thankful for the opportunity to be a missionary, because it's pretty fun (haha). I am thankful for the opportunity I have to help people as a missionary. I feel like it's helping me become so much more equipped for when I come back home to do things, especially in semi-leadership positions because have to step it up and do a little better and help a little more. It's nice because I kind of get the feeling for running things a little bit. So it will help me in the work force when I get back home.

Elder Conlin is good at piano. He's good at music in general. He kind of improves a lot of his stuff, which is pretty cool. Yeah, that's about it. It seems like forever this week because we just got started. It's only been a few days, I guess. I have unlimited email time, so I'm excited about that. I'll talk to you guys later.

Love, Elder Record

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