Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Feeling the Spirit

Hello everybody. This week at church, sacrament meeting was way awesome. The Spirit was there really strong. It was probably one of the best sacrament meetings I've attended because the Spirit there was so strong. They started with this younger girl. She was like fifteen or so. She was talking about how she joined the church. Then, Elder Terry got up and spoke. He bore his testimony and talked about why he served a mission and how much it's meant to him. After Elder Terry, one of the ward members got up and talked about how to do member missionary work. He talked on that conference talk by Elder Russell M. Nelson. After that, they had this musical number, and the lady was an awesome singer. She had perfect control over her voice and it was steady and right on pitch; it was awesome. It was just very calming and peaceful and the Spirit was there. Brother [Name withheld 1], who hasn't been to church since I've been here, came that Sunday, and all that was happening; and it was awesome (haha). He was tearing up after the song, and after that one of the ward missionaries spoke. She's awesome, she's a returned missionary, and she just has tons of energy. She had the Spirit with her while she was talking. She talked about Christ and how to bring people closer to Him basically, and how that's the focus of missionary work, to bring people closer to Christ. It was a really good day.

That same day, we ended up picking up the elders at the Cordova airport, because they were flying in to go to their zone conference. We ended up figuring things out and spending the day with them. We have had a lot of missionaries that were sick in the zone, so we ended up doing some exchanges to help them out so that their companions could go to some of their lessons.

We have two 18 year old missionaries in our zone, and one 19 year old sister. There is only one other 18 year old missionary, but he's not in our zone.

We had a couple of neat things happen this week. We found these members that moved in. The sister is a recent convert. My trainer, Elder Johnson, actually baptized her. So we've been teaching her and her husband. They are excited about the gospel and have a lot of positive energy in the right direction. We are continuing to strengthen them and help them grow. We just got a referral today that I'm excited about; some people that want to meet with the missionaries. That will be fun.

We had a lesson with [Name withheld 2]. His mom is a member – so is he, but he hasn't had a lot to do with the church. We were able to break the ice with him more. He is thinking more and more about praying and God. So that's exciting to see and went really well.

I also had something happen that was kind of neat. My gum line is receding, which isn't good. I was worried about it and praying about what I needed to do. I was asking Heavenly Father to heal that. That was a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday at Church we ended up talking to one of the members, who is a dentist, about dental work. I ended up mentioning that I was worried about my gum line receding. He took a look and said I would need surgery because the resilient part of the gum was gone, and I was just brushing the rest away. Anyway it was an answer to my prayer because I found out what needed to happen and he offered to do it for free. I'll go in on Wednesday the 20th and get it done. I'll be out for the day to give my mouth a chance to rest. He'll take a skin graft from the roof of my mouth and graft it to my gum. Moral of this story, don't brush too hard =) and that the Lord loves individually and looks out for His children. Love you all! =) Have a wonderful day.

Love, Elder Record

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