Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Investigators, basketball and boots

Hello Family! Say “Hi” Elder Stevenson. Say “Hi” Elder Waddel. Say “Hi” Elder Beirne. Anyway, those were some other missionaries that are in the apartment right now.

This last week we had a really good lesson with one of our investigators. He was saying how he used to be bitter and angry guy. He would get depressed a lot. Since we have been teaching him, he was able to feel the spirit. He was saying, “ah, I don't feel alone anymore. I feel like where my heart was empty, it feels full.” He was describing the Spirit, and we told him that was what he was feeling. He thought it was pretty cool, and he was excited about it; because he hasn't had too much experience with God. He doesn't know much about the scriptures. It was neat to see. The friend of one of his kids, who was sitting on the couch next to him, said, “yeah, he used to be really angry, but he's different now!” (haha) So that was kind of cool. That was a really neat experience, and he is starting to grow and progress.

We were teaching this other guy who was less active, and helping him out. He's a good guy, and has a lot of drive, and can do a lot of good. He has a lot of potential. He is just a little bit nervous about coming to church. We went over and taught his son, who is about to get baptized. We taught him about the Plan of Salvation. He just kept telling us about his son being dead set on getting baptized. (haha) Which is kind of encouraging his dad to do better, which is good. He wants to come back to church, which is hard for him, but he can get there.

We were able to participate in the dedication of somebody's home. They are a neat family.

We have been busy and teaching a lot of people.

A neat experience is we thought of a street where we might go and knock on doors. It stuck in both our minds that we should go on that street. A lot of people seem to be open and receptive down there. There are a lot of members there, and we have a few investigators on that street.

We had the opportunity to go to the jail and visit a guy and build his spirits a little bit. We'll see about getting him some scriptures. That was kind of neat. I've never done that before.

Monday was a holiday. We were able to play basketball. That was really fun. I love playing basketball now, and I'm getting pretty good. So, that's what I'll probably end up doing when I get back home (haha).

Let's see – funny stories.

Elder Record: “So, what's been the funniest thing or dumbest thing I've done so far?”
Elder Beirne: “Are you recording right now?”
Elder Record: “Yeah”
Elder Beirne: “You're voice cracked six times this morning.”
Elder Record: “Well... I did that on purpose. When I get excited, my voice gets high.”
Elder Beirne: “Oh, it was the argument about the chair in the truck.”
Elder Record: “What chair?”
Elder Beirne: “Like, why do you sit so close to the dashboard? I like sitting close to the dashboard.”
Elder Record: “Oh, yeah. That's right” [Lots of laughter from both missionaries]

Anyway, I'm kind of spastic now and distracted; focused, but selective focused.

Elder Beirne: “Tell them about the D&C 104.”

Oh yeah, Dad you'll like this. I was reading in the History of the Church, the volume 2, like page 60; actually it was exactly page 60 and 59 (haha). Anyway, it was D&C 104 and they got all the normal names in the Doctrine and Covenants, but when I looked in the History of the Church, Joseph Smith put different names in there. I thought that was interesting. In the revelation it refers to Joseph Smith as Gazelem. I thought that was interesting because in Alma 37:23 it was talking about the Urim and Thumim, it's going to prepare the Urim and Thumim for his servant Gazelem is what the Lord's saying. Anyway, I want to look into that a little bit more.

We tried to get converted by this lady. She believes in a lot of good things. She believes in a different prophet, William Branham. That was a unique experience. I think it is interesting a lot of times how those who professed to be a prophet say they are infallible. I think that is kind of off because we are people. We are not infallible, only God's infallible. Even the Bible was written by people. They were inspired by God, but then wrote it down by themselves. So, it's going to be fallible. To me that seems like it would an instant turn off because.... Anyway, it was unique. I think that is where a lot of people fall away and get confused when they think that something that is coming from God, but through a person is going to be going to be completely infallible.

We had a member that made some key chains for us. They are pretty cool. I'll take a picture of them and send the pictures.

It's starting to get cold in Fairbanks. The leaves are just about gone. Actually they are really yellow. The sun comes out every day. It's getting colder, and Elder Beirne being from Hawaii is really, really cold. It was pretty neat though, his boots. There is a member who has been hanging on to these size 13 boots for like a year. They had no idea why they kept hanging on to them. Elder Beirne was like, “yeah, I'm going to need some boots.” “Oh, what size are you?” “Size thirteen.” The boots were size thirteen. Anyway, he got these way nice, brand new boots for free that these members just happened to have. It just kind of shows that the Lord is looking out for everybody, and they are really warm.

Take care. Talk to you all next week.

Love, Elder Record

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