Monday, July 2, 2012

Transcription: 2 July 2012

Elder Record: There is a cool lady we live with, and she is a member. She is giving me piano lessons. So I learned a bunch of the chords, which was pretty cool. She is really good with the music theory. We did that on P-day, my birthday. We played football. Elder Conlin is sitting right next to me, by the way.
Elder Conlin: Haloo
Elder Record: On Tuesday we had exchanges with the zone leaders, which was all right (haha). We enjoy being together a little more in our own area, I'm pretty sure. Right Elder Conlin?
Elder Conlin: Correct.
Elder Record: Yeah, we got a lot done this week though. This week has been probably my best teaching week so far on my mission, which was really nice. We were able to meet with a lot of people, and help them out. We had a few pretty good experiences. It seems like we will have some new investigators here pretty soon, that should be pretty interested in hearing about the gospel. We also went to the DMV and Elder Conlin got his license (haha). How was the test?
Elder Conlin: Uuuh, you know, it's almost moron proof, except I passed it. So, you know (haha).
Elder Conlin's license picture
Elder Record: You guys should see his picture some time, oh my goodness. It's soo funny. So his picture looks normal, but on the Alaska licenses they've got these gold boxes in the foreground, and it goes right over his face! So he's got this golden handlebar mustache that goes out to his ears...
Elder Conlin: My word...
(haha haha)
Elder Record: It's hilarious! (haha) But other than that, his picture is normal. So I've got to figure out this whole voting thing. President Beesley wanted us to vote. He wanted us to get absentee ballots from home, but I have to double check if I still do that. When I got my license [Alaskan license], I accidentally checked this box, “do you want to register to vote.” So I'm like sure, why not. So apparently I think I'm registered with Alaska, but I'm not entirely sure. So I don't know if I get an absentee ballot or just doing something here. So I will probably try and find out about canceling that and just going back to Utah and getting an absentee ballot from you guys. If you would please send me a little bit of information on the candidates that will be running for president so I can make somewhat of a decent choice. I trust your insights a lot too. Oh, we wrestled some pigs this week too. They stink!! (haha) It was quite the battle. We were herding them into this other pen. There were these two pigs that were dumb and young and wanted to do their own thing. I didn't have boots, so I was outside doing the easy stuff. Elder Conlin had boots and was in the middle of the pit, stepping through the poop and everything. He got in on his hands and...
Elder Conlin: Everywhere
Elder Record: Does it still stink?
Elder Conlin: Yep.
Elder Record: So apparently his hands still smell like pig...
Elder Conlin: Pooh, urine and stuff.
Elder Record: Yeah. So that was unfortunate. (haha)
Elder Conlin: Yes.
Elder Record: We were able to have a good service experience there, and help this lady out. She is like seventy, and she still has these pigs. She was very nice and very friendly.
Elder Conlin: We shared a good thought.
Elder Record: Yeah, we shared a good thought (haha) about how Laman and Lemuel – the brothers that were kind of annoying – she's like, “that's just like these pigs.”
Elder Conlin: They are trying to go to the promised land and they still fight it because they are paying well.
Elder Record: Yeah, yeah that's right. So it connected really well and she laughed about it a little bit. We have an investigator who is really awesome. He's getting ready for baptism. We love teaching him, and hopefully we will have some more people who will have a desire to make those covenants with their Heavenly Father here pretty soon. A lot of good work to do. We are busy all the time. Sorry I haven't written too many letters to various people (haha). I'll try to work on that, but until then, I just want to bear my testimony that I know this Church is true. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I know that as we stop focusing on ourselves and focus on others, things get a lot easier. Especially, the missionary work becomes so much more fun, if you just forget about yourself and think about others, and study and find out answers to their concerns, and help them. It becomes a lot of fun – especially when you see people progress too. I know that it is true because of all the joy and happiness it brings into other people's lives. We can see people change. You know that it is good. You know that it comes from God. Not only that, the Spirit too testifies that it is true. I am thankful for all the wonderful people up here that help us with the missionary work. They are doing a good job. We really like the ward up here. Elder Conlin, what are you thoughts on your first area?
Elder Conlin: Hmm... my first area. Well clearly I've had a pretty good trainer. I'm sure you guys are biased and would agree. But, let's see. It's kind of what I imaged it to be like, except it's like 80 degrees hotter than what everyone thinks about.
Elder Record: That's true, wasn't it like 90 not long ago?
Elder Conlin: Yeah, not too bad.
Elder Record: I guess it wasn't quite 90, but like in the 80's.
Elder Conlin: Yeah. It's enough that you like go to wave at someone and they see the uh, armpit stain. It's just like, well, hello. Anyhow, as far as the work and what not, there are a lot of people that are pretty darn interesting. I guess that makes it easy that they live far apart, and they are strange; so they really do like to talk. So it's not that often that we have people say, “go away,” and slam the door on you. They usually want to yak about the UFO they saw or the plane they landed in their front yard or anything in between.
Elder Record: ...and this has happened.
Elder Conlin: (haha) Yep. It's been good. We have been working incredibly hard and sleeping about just as hard...
Elder Record: It's true.
Elder Conlin: night you know – you know what I'm saying.
Elder Record: Anyway, we'll talk to you all next week.

Love, Elder Record

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